• Why are We Out of Stock?

    I'm editing Fretboard Visualization to make it look nicer.  Available mid-July 2021!
  • Music Notation -vs- TAB

    What is better, standard music notation or TAB? The answer is: neither is better, you need both.  Many will argue that music notation is superior t...
  • Listening and Balance

    I was asked the question, "do you think about dynamics when you play the bass?"  My answer is quite simply, no. I don’t think about it. Dynamics ha...
  • Beginners Next Steps

    I often get the following questions from beginner bass players: I have learned some scales and I can play some songs, what should I practice next?...
  • Blank Fretboards

    Free download for blank fretboards!
  • Quick Tips & Free Stuff

    I made a blog!  Check it out for quick tips and free resources for playing the bass guitar.