Beginners Next Steps

I often get the following questions from beginner bass players:

  • I have learned some scales and I can play some songs, what should I practice next?
  • How do I learn the fretboard?
  • How should I practice the modes?

I teach the modes in a step by step method in my book, but the following suggestions are the condensed version.

  1. Learn & practice how to play every note on the fretboard that is in the major scale (see video below).
  2. Learn & practice connecting the Positions (see video playlist below).
  3. Study how it sounds to play the major scale starting and ending on different scale tones (see chart below).
  4. Study how the modes fit within the major scale (see fretboard graphic).
  5. Practice the modes with chords and listen to how they sound (see video playlist below).
#1 Every Fretboard Position in the Major Scale

#3 Study How it Sounds from each Scale Tone
#4 Study how each mode fits in the Positions


Obviously this is the cliffs notes version, so good luck!

For a more detailed explanation, check out my eBook entitled Fretboard Visualization.  Learn a step by step process to memorizing the whole fretboard, modes, and music theory.  Take the next step to becoming a better bass player and musician. 

Fretboard Visualization
A Thought Process & Mode Theory for Bass Guitar