Pentatonic Scales

Can you use the Fretboard Visualization techniques for Pentatonic Scales?  Absolutely!

I touch on Pentatonic Scales in the Beginner's Guide, but I don't discuss them in Volume One or Volume Two.  Truthfully, I started writing a book on pentatonics before I started writing Volume Two.  I thought it was an important piece of the puzzle considering that the Major and Minor Pentatonic scales overlap the Major Modes.  I look at pentatonics as a simplified way of playing the modes, and I also feel that it is very important information for beginners.  However, I soon realized that this point could be made with a few pages in the Beginners Guide

This blog post elaborates on the information found in the Beginners Guide, which goes into detail about the following "box" scales.

C Major Pentatonic Scale

A Minor Pentatoinc Scale

I still plan to finish my book on Pentatonics, but until then I would like to share with you the "Positions" of the Major and Minor Pentatonic Scales.  You can use everything you learned in Volume One to break out of the "box" with these patterns.  Practice them up and down separately, then work on connecting the patterns.

Notice how the C Major Pentatonic Scale uses the same notes as the A Minor Pentatonic Scale.  This is the same relationship as the Ionian and Aeolian Modes (see Volume One for more information).


For a more detailed explanation including TAB and music notation for the Pentatonic Scales, check out my Free eBook entitled Beginners Guide.  It also includes helpful information for beginners including stringing the bass, tuning, posture, technique, TAB, and the most important scales.

Fretboard Visualization
Beginner's Guide

Beginner's Guide

Do you already know most of this stuff, but want to expand your "box" scales to the whole fretboard?  Check out Fretboard Visualization Volume One for more advanced techniques and music theory.  Learn a step by step process to memorizing the whole fretboard and the Major Modes.  Take the next step to becoming a better bass player and musician. 

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