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    The following videos cover all exercises in the Fretboard Visualization eBook.
    There are also multiple backing tracks for to play along with the exercises.

    Introduction / Full Playlist

    All Fretboard Positions pages 16-21

    Positions 1-6 - pages 16-21

    Connection the Positions - pages 22-35

    Modes - pages 40-67

    Arpeggios - pages 79-81

    Modes Over Chords - page 83-89

    Chord Progressions Playlist of 16 Exercises - pages 91-96

    The Difference in the Modes - page 122
    Modes Over Major Chords - page 123-125
    Modes Over Minor Chords  - page 126-127

    Drone Backing Track (practice The Difference in the Modes over this) - page 122

    Modes for Major Chords - page 123-125

    Modes for Minor Chords - page 126-127

    Chord Progressions - pages 128-133


    The End!  This concludes the videos for the Fretboard Visualization eBook.  Stay tuned for new videos of me playing the exercises & new backing tracks!